Looking for a property manager
to manage your investment?

Are you asking yourself:

  • Shall I transform my investment property into a holiday rental or pursue a longer term lease?

  • What type of rental suits my financial needs best?

  • Am I really happy with my current rental results? Is there room for improvement?

  • Would switching agents be a viable option?

  • Is holiday renting for me?

Sound familiar?

We have deep expertise in property management and can share valuable information and insights to assist you in your decision making.

If you are interested in finding out more and exploring some of these options, please call Susan on 0410 938 691.

Best of both worlds!

At Beachscape we easily switch between holiday rentals, short-term and long-term leases.

  • Holiday Rentals: rental periods between 1 night and 89 nights

  • Short Term Leases 3-6 months

  • Long Term Leases 6-12+ months

Holiday rentals are managed via our Beachscape Holiday Rental division, Short- and Long-term leases and Property Sales are managed via our Beachscape Property division.

During COVID-19 we diversified our business, quickly changed tactics and converted many holiday houses to longer term leases, saving the day for many owners. With many city folks working remotely and looking for a permanent sea change, furnished leases are still in demand. We always have visiting practitioners and trades in our area that need longer term (fully serviced) accommodation, people relocating, people building houses, and insurance claims in demand of accommodation.

Get the flexibility you need, and combine the various type of rentals to ensure solid returns!

Solxape P/L Trading as Beachscape Holiday Rentals

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Office Hours: Mon-Fri 8.30am-5pm | Sat 9am-1pm


M: 0409 865 909

Holiday Renting

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