Arrival Details - Taranaki Penthouse - Port Macquarie

Taranaki Pent House – Apartment 4/11 Lord St, Port Macquarie NSW 2444,

Step 1.  If you stand in front of the building on Lord St, Taranaki Penthouse is on the top floor. Walk down the path on the left hand side of the building next to the mailboxes. Walk towards the end of the path, you will pass the main entrance on the right, keep going. At the end of the path, you will see the visitor parking in front of you. Go through the gate on your right and find garage door number 4, it is the 2nd door on your left, with three key lockboxes on it - top one unmarked, middle one marked C and bottom one marked 4. Use lockbox 4.

Step 2. Use the bottom lockbox labelled ‘4’, enter the code provided via SMS – 5985. Take keys out and close the lockbox, change the dials so code is not visible to strangers.

Step 3. Head back down the path where you came from, enter the building through the main glass door on your left (you passed by earlier), make your way up the stairs to the top floor and open the unit door with the unit door key.

Another key set can be found inside the apartment on the hallway or kitchen bench, if you can't see the second key set please look inside the welcome tray with 'things to do' cards.

We advise you to return the first set to the lockbox so you can never lock yourselves out.

Step 4. PARKING You can park in the shared visitor carport or in front of building, there is free street parking. For the carport go around the block and drive in the little lane way behind the building – Sixty Third Lane, look for carport, it has a Beachscape Holiday Let sign. Please note this is shared between other residents as well.

Step 5. Check out on departure day is 11am. When leaving, please make sure the place is tidy, aircon is turned off, windows are closed, washing up is done and packed away,  rubbish has been placed in the outside bins.

Upon departure, please leave key set 2 on the kitchen bench. Place the other key set back into the lockbox.

If you have enjoyed your stay, please leave a nice review. We would love your feedback. Our aim is to achieve the highest rating possible, and value your comments on what we can improve and what you liked. We would love to have you back again!

Kind regards,

Susan, Jasmine, Hayley and The Beachscape Team


SKIP BINS are at located the front of the building, near the mailboxes.

ARRIVING LATE – KNOW YOUR WAY  If arriving late e.g. after 7pm, please make sure you have all information regarding address and key, as we may not always hear the phone, especially during weekends. We generally pick up til 7pm and after 7pm for emergencies only, however we enjoy some family dinner time too as we are a small business. Thanks for your understanding.

FOOD  Please note that food service in restaurants and food delivery in Regional NSW stops at around 8.30pm-9pm.  So please make prior arrangements or stop at a supermarket along the way, Coles and Woolworths are open til 9pm at night.  Nearest supermarket:  Coles Short Street, Port Macquarie.

KEEP NEIGHBOURS HAPPY. Noise is to be kept at a minimum after 10pm. Any callouts will incur a $100-$150 fee.


NETWORK: Taranaki11

PASSWORD: taranaki11

Safe travels up here, we look forward to welcoming you!


Susan de Jonge and team
Beachscape holiday rentals
greater Port Macquarie coastline

  • Jasmine, Mandy  – Reservations team 0409 865 909 – reservations, general questions. Mon-Fri 8.30am-5pm. Sat 9am-1pm. AFTER HOURS emergencies only 0409 865 909, please phone, do not send text/chat after hours for emergencies.

  • Hayley 0428 524 484  –  Reservations back up and property management. Mon-Fri 9am-5pm.

  • Susan 0410 938 691 – Property management, general management, trouble shooting, after hours emergencies back up.

Standard office hours Mon-Fri 8.30am -5pm;  Sat 9am-1pm;  Sat 1pm onwards and Sun CLOSED. After hours emergency number 0409 865 909, pick up the phone after hours please instead of texting, as we do not regularly check SMS or chat messages after hours, we do pick up the phone. Call two to three times if we miss your first call, as we are a small business and have families to look after too after hours, so we may miss the first call. Thanks for your understanding!


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